Consultancy Services

  • We provide assistance with corporate and commercial law issues, at both a national and international level;
  • Assistance in general business operations, ranging from establishing national and foreign companies and partnerships (such as joint ventures and group company structures) to complex M&A deals and corporate restructuring, reorganization and other transactions involving the purchase and sale of equity, assets or businesses;
  • Structuring, incorporation and management of foreign trusts, family foundations and holding companies, using the firm’s wide network of foreign consultants, including some of the most renowned banking and institutional trustees;
  • A wide range of commercial and corporate law services, including national and international contract law, joint venture agreements, licensing and technology transfer contracts, know-how, patent and copyright transfers, agency, franchising and distribution agreements, product development contracts, manufacturing and sale agreements, commission agreements, financing, leasing and leaseback, cost sharing and cash pooling agreements.